About us

BAY SHORE FUEL is a family owned and operated local company that has served the Suffolk County community for many years. We are committed to serving and providing each of our customers quality service and prompt, same-day delivery at no additional cost. Our drivers are commercial licensed and certified. Our technicians are professionally trained and certified to carry out repairs, installations and maintenance.

At BAY SHORE FUEL, we understand the rising cost of oil and with this in mind, we offer quality, clean burning oil to be delivered only when you need it. Our new online ordering portal provides convenient and secure ordering so you’re able to order at your convenience, at any time, all year round. We are also available by phone to help you with any of your heating or cooling needs.

BAY SHORE FUEL is proud to deliver clean burning, eco-friendly alternative BioHeat to all of its customers. This eco-friendly alternative can be used in existing home heating systems and does not require any expensive conversion equipment. It also helps reduce emissions such as sulphur oxides, carbon dioxide, particulate matter, and mercury. To learn more about this alternative visit https://mybioheat.com/

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